Welcome to the Bristol TRF

The TRF is the National, voluntary and non-competitive body formed in 1970 by people who enjoyed exploring 'Green Roads' by motorcycle. Our aim is to conserve our heritage of Green Roads for everyone to enjoy. The Trail Riders fellowship is the only body representing trail riders that is recognized by Government and Local Authorities as being the Authoritative and Responsible face of Trail Riding.


Everything you need to know about the TRF can be found at http://www.trf.org.uk


"Remember.....Be polite to everyone you meet while riding no matter how impolite, bigoted or completely in the wrong they are, as one wrong word gets blown out of all proportion and becomes another nail in the coffin for our right to ride. "


Due to confidentiality and the current culture we are no longer using members full names or phone numbers. This was agreed at a previous meeting. Myself and Glen are contactable and once you become a member of the TRF and attend meetings (when possible of course) a contact list of all active members will then be given out.